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Fang Lv, Xiaoling Cai, Chu Lin, Tianpei Hong, Xiaomei Zhang, Zhufeng Wang, Huifang Xing, Guizhi Zong, Juming Lu, Xiaohui Guo, Jing Wu, Leili Gao, Xianghai Zhou, Xueyao Han, and Linong Ji

–54 years of age, whereas females had the highest obesity prevalence at 55–64 years in a southern China population ( 13 ). However, data of the distribution trend in BMI stratified by sex and age in Chinese patients with T2D is lacking. Therefore, our aims

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T P Parikh, B Stolze, Y Ozarda, J Jonklaas, K Welsh, L Masika, M Hill, A DeCherney, and S J Soldin

with a small financial reward to encourage involvement. Female subjects ( n  = 120) were aged 19–67 years (mean 38.3, median 35). Males subjects ( n  = 62) were aged 19–75 years (mean 33.1, median 31). Participant demographic details as seen in

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Lijuan Yuan, Xihui Chen, Ziyu Liu, Dan Wu, Jianguo Lu, Guoqiang Bao, Sijia Zhang, Lifeng Wang, and Yuanming Wu

families ( 1 ). The pattern of segregation suggested sex-limited autosomal dominant inheritance, with reduced penetrance for females ( 5 ). The onset of the symptoms is usually around puberty with a male-to-female ratio of 9:1, and males are severely

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Mette H Viuff and Claus H Gravholt

availability of high-quality multidisciplinary care for all women with TS to be treated and to detect all the conditions that have been associated with TS, which typically appear at odd times during the lifetime of a female with TS. Care should be offered at no

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Henryk F Urbanski, Kevin Mueller, and Cynthia L Bethea

Introduction Like elderly women, old female rhesus macaques show a marked decline in circulating E concentrations ( 1 ), and several monkey studies have demonstrated the therapeutic potential of E or a selective estrogen receptor modulator

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Yan-yu Zhang, Xian Zhang, Shao-yang Bu, Wei-wei Zhang, Tian-xiu Li, De-cai Zheng, Ze-xiang Huang, and Qian Wang

and kiss2 are increased in the female brain but suppressed in the male brain ( 11 ). In zebrafish, kiss1 is mainly expressed in the habenula (vHb) and kiss2 signals are distributed in the dorsal zone (Hd), the posterior tuberal nucleus (nPT), and

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Stephen A Martin, Kenneth A Philbrick, Carmen P Wong, Dawn A Olson, Adam J Branscum, Donald B Jump, Charles K Marik, Jonathan M DenHerder, Jennifer L Sargent, Russell T Turner, and Urszula T Iwaniec

that the ambient temperature of standard rodent housing (18–23°C) plays an important role ( 2 ). We previously reported that housing C57BL/6J (B6) female mice at a thermoneutral temperature (32°C) prevented cancellous bone loss from 8 to 18 weeks of age

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Kathryn L Gatford, Beverly S Muhlhausler, Lili Huang, Pamela Su-Lin Sim, Claire T Roberts, Johannes D Velhuis, and Chen Chen

GH in non-pregnant female mice and throughout murine pregnancy. Methods Animals Experimental procedures were approved by the University of Adelaide Animal Ethics Committee (M-2014-167) and carried out in accordance with the Australian code

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L Ghataore, I Chakraborti, S J Aylwin, K-M Schulte, D Dworakowska, P Coskeran, and N F Taylor

Pharma, Paris, France) and oral hydrocortisone (six males: range 26–66 years, median 50 years and 11 females: range 20–76 years, median 47 years (six of premenopausal age)) and patients receiving hydrocortisone only after surgery in the period before

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Qiankai Jin, Guoqing Huang, Xiaoqing Tian, Yimeng Shu, Ximisinuer Tusongtuoheti, and Yushan Mao

combination with the actual situation of WC in the Chinese population ( 1 , 16 ). For each component, the diagnostic criteria were as follows: (i) central obesity (WC ≥ 90 cm in males and ≥ 85 cm in females), (ii) hypertriglyceridemia (TGs ≥ 1.7 mmol/L (150