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Jiwen Yang, Yayin Huang, Bohan Dong, and Yunhai Dai

Xia JX Yao Y Zhou Q Long non-coding RNAs in stem cells and cancer . World Journal of Clinical Oncology 2014 5 134 – 141 . ( ) 4 Qiu MT Hu JW Yin R Xu L Long noncoding RNA: an emerging

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Tian Zhou, Dai-wei Zhao, Ning Ma, Xue-ying Zhu, Xing-hong Chen, Xue Luo, Song Chen, and Qing-jun Gao

investigate PTC. In the present study, it was found that FOXP4 was highly expressed in THCA, and through the ROC curve analysis, it was suggested that FOXP4 might be used as a biomarker for diagnosing THCA. Currently, investigation on cancer stem cells shows

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Rocío del Carmen Bravo-Miana, Ana Belén Della Vedova, Ana Lucía De Paul, María Mónica Remedi, María Laura Guantay, Mónica Beatriz Gilardoni, Claudia Gabriela Pellizas, and Ana Carolina Donadio

Desrochers LM Bordeleau F Reinhart-King CA Cerione RA Antonyak MA . Microvesicles provide a mechanism for intercellular communication by embryonic stem cells during embryo implantation . Nature Communications 2016 7 11958 . ( https

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Meihua Jin, Woo Kyung Lee, Mi-Hyeon You, Ahreum Jang, Sheue-yann Cheng, Won Gu Kim, Min Ji Jeon, and Yu-Mi Lee

(PHGDH), an important enzyme in serine biosynthesis, is associated with proliferation, tumorigenesis, and stemness of thyroid cancer cells ( 4 ). As PHGDH expression resulted in aggressive thyroid cancers, it might be a potential therapeutic target ( 4

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Masatada Watanabe, Shuji Ohno, and Hiroshi Wachi

mechanisms between cells of hematopoietic stem cell origin and cells of mesenchymal stem cell origin. This difference might provide a basis for new tissue-specific or cell-specific pharmacotherapeutic utilization of glucocorticoids, β-agonists and β

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Hong Tang, Xiaomei Jiang, Yu Hua, Heyue Li, Chunlan Zhu, Xiaobai Hao, Minhui Yi, and Linxia Li

ubiquitination of TRAF3 ( 21 ). Laura Novellasdemunt et al. reported that NEDD4 and NEDD4L regulate Wnt signaling and intestinal stem cell priming by degrading the LGR5 receptor ( 33 ). In the current study, we found that GPX4 is the direct target of NEDD4L

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Juan Carlos Juárez-Cruz, Miriam Daniela Zuñiga-Eulogio, Monserrat Olea-Flores, Eduardo Castañeda-Saucedo, Miguel Ángel Mendoza-Catalán, Carlos Ortuño-Pineda, Ma Elena Moreno-Godínez, Sócrates Villegas-Comonfort, Teresita Padilla-Benavides, and Napoleón Navarro-Tito

and therapeutic target of leptin signaling in breast cancer and cancer stem cells . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 2013 207 – 222 . ( ) 12 Laudisio D Muscogiuri G Barrea L Savastano S Colao A

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Zhandong Lei, Yunfei Chen, Jin Wang, Yan Zhang, Wenjuan Shi, Xuejiao Wang, Dehai Xing, Dongxue Li, and Xiangying Jiao

:// ) 10.2337/diabetes.54.suppl_2.S97 5 Dor Y Brown J Martinez OI Melton DA . Adult pancreatic beta-cells are formed by self-duplication rather than stem-cell differentiation . Nature 2004 429 41 – 46 . ( https

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Amarjit Saini, Linda Björkhem-Bergman, Johan Boström, Mats Lilja, Michael Melin, Karl Olsson, Lena Ekström, Peter Bergman, Mikael Altun, Eric Rullman, and Thomas Gustafsson

satellite cell (SC) niche, i.e. myoblast stem cells ( 22 ). Adult skeletal muscle is terminally differentiated and in response to injury, a local pool of SCs situated beneath the basal lamina surrounding each myofibre proliferate ( 23 ). Their progeny

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Erika Peverelli, Federica Ermetici, Sabrina Corbetta, Ettore Gozzini, Laura Avagliano, Marco A Zappa, Gaetano Bulfamante, Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Anna Spada, and Giovanna Mantovani

studies demonstrating that embryonic stem cells lacking PPARγ do not contribute to fat formation (28, 29) and that the abolishment of the expression of PPARγ at the adipose tissue level prevents WAT development (30, 31, 32) . In accordance with this