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Roxanne C S van Adrichem, Aart Jan van der Lely, Martin Huisman, Piet Kramer, Richard A Feelders, Patric J D Delhanty, and Wouter W de Herder

. The primary NETs were originating from the small intestine, pancreas, stomach, lung, or had an unknown origin. Patients were eligible for the study if they were medical treatment naive, were not obese, and had neither metabolic syndrome nor diabetes

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Ling Zhou, Zhexin Ni, Wen Cheng, Jin Yu, Shuai Sun, Dongxia Zhai, Chaoqin Yu, and Zailong Cai

Tenericutes was considerably low in the intestine of patients with PCOS. According to Liu et al . ( 4 ), the ratio of Escherichia/Shigella and the abundance of Streptococcus in intestine increase, whereas the abundance of Akkermansia and

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Ruixin Hu, Yanting Yuan, Chaolong Liu, Ji Zhou, Lixia Ji, and Guohui Jiang

of mucus-degrading bacteria much higher than that of fiber-degrading bacteria in the intestinal tract. At the same time, a low-fiber diet leads to a sharp increase in the number of gram-negative bacteria in the intestine, which will increase the

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R C S van Adrichem, L J Hofland, R A Feelders, M C De Martino, P M van Koetsveld, C H J van Eijck, R R de Krijger, D M Sprij-Mooij, J A M J L Janssen, and W W de Herder

primary tumor origins were less often in the small intestine and less distant metastases were found. Table 1 Characteristics of 22 GEP NET patients Nonelevated CgA (≤2× ULN) Elevated CgA (>2× ULN) Number of patients 11 (50%) 11 (50%) Sex  Male 3 (27%) 5

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Robert A Hart, Robin C Dobos, Linda L Agnew, Neil A Smart, and James R McFarlane

the stomach ( 3 ) and remains stable in gastric juices, while leptin receptors are expressed in the stomach ( 55 ) and small intestine at both the luminal and basolateral surfaces ( 56 ). In the small intestine, leptin modulates the absorption of

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Matilde Calanchini, Michael Tadman, Jesper Krogh, Andrea Fabbri, Ashley Grossman, and Brian Shine

the small intestine with multiple liver metastases, and less frequently in patients with lung NENs. More rarely, patients with direct tumour drainage into the central circulation such as ovarian carcinoids ( 11 ), or with widespread peritoneal disease

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Jakob Kirkegård, Dora Körmendiné Farkas, Jens Otto Lunde Jørgensen, and Deirdre P Cronin-Fenton

(SIR: 1.17; 95% CI: 1.13–1.22) and site-specific gastrointestinal cancers except cancer of the small intestines ( Table 3 ). Within the first year following a diagnosis of hyperthyroid disease, risk of all gastrointestinal cancers was elevated. After

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K G Samsom, L M van Veenendaal, G D Valk, M R Vriens, M E T Tesselaar, and J G van den Berg

second most prevalent after rectum NETs and followed by pancreatic NETs ( 5 ). Moreover, SI-NETs are the most frequent cancer type of the small intestine ( 6 ). Currently, treatment for patients with SI-NETs is based on the availability of several

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Ashley K Clift, Omar Faiz, Robert Goldin, John Martin, Harpreet Wasan, Marc-Olaf Liedke, Erik Schloericke, Anna Malczewska, Guido Rindi, Mark Kidd, Irvin M Modlin, and Andrea Frilling

Kulkarni AA Boora GK Metge F Kipp BR Zhang L Thorland EC Minn KT Tentu R The genomic landscape of small intestine neuroendocrine tumors . Journal of Clinical Investigation 2013 123 2502 – 2508 . ( doi:10.1172/JCI67963

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Stefan Schulz, Anika Mann, Benjamin Novakhov, Hugh D Piggins, and Amelie Lupp

) and VPAC2-deficient mice, including small and large intestine, gastric mucosa, brain, pancreas, spleen and testis, were lysed in detergent buffer (50 mM Tris–HCl pH 7.4, 150 mM NaCl, 5 mM EDTA, 10 mM NaF, 10 mM disodium pyrophosphate, 1% Nonidet P-40