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Xue-Lian Zhang, Xinyi Zhao, Yong Wu, Wen-qing Huang, Jun-jiang Chen, Peijie Hu, Wei Liu, Yi-Wen Chen, Jin Hao, Rong-Rong Xie, Hsiao Chang Chan, Ye Chun Ruan, Hui Chen, and Jinghui Guo

Introduction Diabetes mellitus or diabetes, characterized by disturbed glucose metabolism and problematic insulin secretion ( 1 ), is a chronic condition complicated with eventual damage of multiple organs including the blood vessels, kidney

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Borros Arneth

Introduction Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) is an autoimmune disease in which T-lymphocytes attack insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas ( 1 ). During the later stages of this progressive disease, pancreatic beta cells are massively

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Leanne Hodson and Fredrik Karpe

impaired insulin-dependent regulation of glucose and hepatic lipid metabolism ( 3 ). Hyperinsulinaemia is a common finding in obesity, and may be the result of insulin hypersecretion and/or impaired hepatic insulin extraction; individuals with

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Kaisa K Ivaska, Maikki K Heliövaara, Pertti Ebeling, Marco Bucci, Ville Huovinen, H Kalervo Väänänen, Pirjo Nuutila, and Heikki A Koistinen

originally identified in mice, in which OC was shown to act as a hormone to increase proliferation of pancreatic β cells, insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity (3, 4) . Osteocalcin is specifically expressed in osteoblasts and osteocytes, and it is

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Kyoungjune Pak, Seongho Seo, Myung Jun Lee, Keunyoung Kim, Sunghwan Suh, Hyung-Jun Im, and In Joo Kim

Introduction The brain plays a critical role in controlling the energy balance of the body ( 1 ). Energy intake chronically exceeding energy expenditure leads to obesity ( 2 , 3 ). Obesity is related with insulin resistance in muscle, liver

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Vittorio Unfer, Fabio Facchinetti, Beatrice Orrù, Barbara Giordani, and John Nestler

such as thyroid-stimulating hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and insulin ( 2 ). MI and d -chiro-inositol (DCI), another stereoisomeric form of inositol, balance in different ways some metabolic deregulations concurring with insulin

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Amalie R Lanng, Lærke S Gasbjerg, Natasha C Bergmann, Sigrid Bergmann, Mads M Helsted, Matthew P Gillum, Bolette Hartmann, Jens J Holst, Tina Vilsbøll, and Filip K Knop

may cause hepatic steatosis which in some individuals leads to insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance ( 4 , 5 ). However, the exact mechanisms underlying these pathophysiological processes have not been identified. Alcohol has been found

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Gaëtan Prévost, Marie Picot, Marie-Anne Le Solliec, Arnaud Arabo, Hind Berrahmoune, Mouna El Mehdi, Saloua Cherifi, Alexandre Benani, Emmanuelle Nédélec, Françoise Gobet, Valéry Brunel, Jérôme Leprince, Hervé Lefebvre, Youssef Anouar, and Nicolas Chartrel

neuropeptidergic system in the control of glucose homeostasis has been reported. It was found that 26RFa and GPR103 are expressed by the pancreatic islets as well as by various insulin-secreting cell lines ( 23 , 24 ) and that the neuropeptide prevents cell death

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Sakina H Bharmal, Wandia Kimita, Juyeon Ko, and Maxim S Petrov

centrifuged at 4000 g for5.5 min at 4°C, plasma separated, aliquoted, and stored at −80°C for future analyses.Amylin, C-peptide, glucagon, glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), insulin, pancreatic polypeptide, and

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Thorben Hoffmann, Yousef Ashraf Tawfik Morcos, Ruth Janoschek, Eva-Maria Turnwald, Antje Gerken, Annette Müller, Gerhard Sengle, Jörg Dötsch, Sarah Appel, and Eva Hucklenbruch-Rother

0.0421 a Yes = 38No = 39 0.106 0.359 Yes = 38No = 39 Smoking before pregnancy X −0.293 W 0 . 0102 a Yes = 35No = 41 −0.288 W 0 . 0116 a Yes = 35No = 41 Insulin (mU/L) 13.35 ± 9.020.50/61.40 0.085 0.482 71 0