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Maria Stelmachowska-Banaś and Izabella Czajka-Oraniec

with adrenal crisis, severe headaches, and visual disturbances due to significant pituitary enlargement and optic chiasm compression ( 3 , 33 , 45 , 50 , 53 ). In the majority of patients, long-term hormonal replacement is sufficient. SAI should

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Charlotte Höybye, Andreas F H Pfeiffer, Diego Ferone, Jens Sandahl Christiansen, David Gilfoyle, Eva Dam Christoffersen, Eva Mortensen, Jonathan A Leff, and Michael Beckert

TransCon GH 0.02 mg/kg/week. Six days after treatment initiation, she again experienced a severe adrenal crisis requiring hospitalization. After recovery, she experienced a second SAE, moderate pleuritic chest pain likely caused by a pulmonary infiltrate

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Ida Staby, Jesper Krogh, Marianne Klose, Jonas Baekdal, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Lars Poulsgaard, Jacob Bertram Springborg, and Mikkel Andreassen

avoid an adrenal crisis. There are different ways to examine the adrenal axis pre-surgery, for example, the measurement of random spot plasma cortisol, measurement of cortisol after adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) stimulation (Synacthen ® -test) or

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Filippo Ceccato, Elisa Selmin, Giorgia Antonelli, Mattia Barbot, Andrea Daniele, Marco Boscaro, Mario Plebani, and Carla Scaroni

that might precipitate an adrenal crisis ( 18 ). They were registered with a medical alert service and given a steroid alert card and scheduled for annual training sessions by nurses on how to manage their daily medication and any minor or moderate

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Kamran Iqbal, Kate Halsby, Robert D Murray, Paul V Carroll, and Robert Petermann

adrenal crisis (AC), which typically requires inpatient hospitalisation. AC can occur very quickly and be very severe, leading to coma or death if untreated ( 4 ). Modified-release (MR) HC was licensed in 2011 to treat adults with AI ( 5 ). It is given

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Luca Persani, Biagio Cangiano, and Marco Bonomi

and USA, based on the combination of low TT4 and normal/low TSH ( 5 , 7 ). Despite the possible association with life-threatening adrenal crisis in congenital multiple pituitary hormone defeciencies (MPHDs), CeH is not a direct cause of death. The

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Ursula M M Costa, Carla R P Oliveira, Roberto Salvatori, José A S Barreto-Filho, Viviane C Campos, Francielle T Oliveira, Ivina E S Rocha, Joselina L M Oliveira, Wersley A Silva, and Manuel H Aguiar-Oliveira

brain tumors) and very recently adrenal crisis (7, 8, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33) have been implicated in the increased mortality risk associated with hypopituitarism (28) . Accordingly, very recent national or multicenter studies have suggested that GHD

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L M Mongioì, R A Condorelli, S La Vignera, and A E Calogero

Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2012 97 473 – 481 . ( ) 10.1210/jc.2011-1926 12 Hahner S Loeffler M Bleicken B Drechsler C Milovanovic D Fassnacht M Ventz M Quinkler M Allolio B. Epidemiology of adrenal

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Nilesh Lomte, Tushar Bandgar, Shruti Khare, Swati Jadhav, Anurag Lila, Manjunath Goroshi, Rajeev Kasaliwal, Kranti Khadilkar, and Nalini S Shah

histoplasmosis. He was noncompliant to medical treatment and succumbed to adrenal crisis. Other patient, a 60-year-old woman presented with symptoms of AI and bilateral adrenal masses (right 5.8cm, left 6.5 cm). As patient had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Ghazala Zaidi, Vijayalakshmi Bhatia, Saroj K Sahoo, Aditya Narayan Sarangi, Niharika Bharti, Li Zhang, Liping Yu, Daniel Eriksson, Sophie Bensing, Olle Kämpe, Nisha Bharani, Surendra Kumar Yachha, Anil Bhansali, Alok Sachan, Vandana Jain, Nalini Shah, Rakesh Aggarwal, Amita Aggarwal, Muthuswamy Srinivasan, Sarita Agarwal, and Eesh Bhatia

FB1 2 (10)  KCNRG 1 (5) Mortality:  Frequency 6 (26%) Septicaemia ( n = 2), adrenal crisis ( n = 2), hepatic failure ( n = 1), unexplained ( n = 1)  Age at death 5 (3–23) Frequency of