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Soraya Puglisi, Paola Perotti, Mattia Barbot, Paolo Cosio, Carla Scaroni, Antonio Stigliano, Pina Lardo, Valentina Morelli, Elisa Polledri, Iacopo Chiodini, Giuseppe Reimondo, Anna Pia, and Massimo Terzolo

hypokalemia. Moreover, the treatment leads to a shift of steroidogenesis toward the androgen pathway that may result in hirsutism and acne in women. However, in ACTH-independent CS, the compensatory rise in ACTH might not occur because ACTH secretion is

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Henrik H Thomsen, Holger J Møller, Christian Trolle, Kristian A Groth, Anne Skakkebæk, Anders Bojesen, Christian Høst, and Claus H Gravholt

ultrasensitive assay (Diagnostic Products, Los Angeles, CA, USA). Androgens, estrogens, sex hormone-binding globulin, LH, and FSH were analyzed as described (24) . Statistical analysis We used paired samples t -test and otherwise independent samples t -test

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Maki Igarashi, Tadayuki Ayabe, Kiwako Yamamoto-Hanada, Keiko Matsubara, Hatoko Sasaki, Mayako Saito-Abe, Miori Sato, Nathan Mise, Akihiko Ikegami, Masayuki Shimono, Reiko Suga, Shouichi Ohga, Masafumi Sanefuji, Masako Oda, Hiroshi Mitsubuchi, Takehiro Michikawa, Shin Yamazaki, Shoji Nakayama, Yukihiro Ohya, and Maki Fukami

human disease . Clinical Endocrinology 2004 60 288 – 296 . ( ) 3 Tung YC Lee JS Tsai WY Hsiao PH . Physiological changes of adrenal androgens in childhood . Journal of the Formosan Medical

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Christian Høst, Anders Bojesen, Mogens Erlandsen, Kristian A Groth, Kurt Kristensen, Anne Grethe Jurik, Niels H Birkebæk, and Claus H Gravholt

. Table 2 Body composition determined by CT and DEXA, muscle strength, androgens and other hormones, lipids, 24-h ambulatory blood pressure measurements (mmHg), and VO 2 max in males with Klinefelter syndrome during testosterone or placebo treatment

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Dorte Glintborg, Magda Lambaa Altinok, Pernille Ravn, Kurt Bjerregaard Stage, Kurt Højlund, and Marianne Andersen

increased ovarian and adrenal androgen production ( 1 ). Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)-stimulated cortisol and 17-hydroxyprogesterone levels (17OHP) and urinary cortisol secretion were increased in women with PCOS vs controls ( 7 , 8 ), suggesting

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Renea A Taylor, Jennifer Lo, Natasha Ascui, and Matthew J Watt

Epidemiology of prostate cancer and obesity Prostate cancer Prostate cancer is an androgen-dependent malignancy that affects the aging male population, with the mean age at diagnosis being 66 years (1) . Over the past decade, the incidence of

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Małgorzata Kałużna, Agnieszka Nomejko, Aleksandra Słowińska, Katarzyna Wachowiak-Ochmańska, Katarzyna Pikosz, Katarzyna Ziemnicka, and Marek Ruchała

, severe depression), diabetes, severe liver or kidney disease, the use of oral contraceptive or anti-androgen therapy in the last 3 months or current pregnancy or diagnosed and/or treated infertility. Sociodemographic characteristics were comparable

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A Daniel Bird, Spencer Greatorex, David Reser, Gareth G Lavery, and Timothy J Cole

( 26 , 27 ). Increased levels of LH and FSH mediate stimulation of granulosa cells to increase serum levels of testosterone that are important substrates for aromatase enzymes present within theca cells responsible for the conversion of androgens to

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Malin Nylander, Signe Frøssing, Caroline Kistorp, Jens Faber, and Sven O Skouby

Introduction With a prevalence of 10%, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder among women of fertile age ( 1 ). The diagnosis is based on the three Rotterdam criteria: oligo-/amenorrhea, androgen excess and

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Mikkel Andreassen, Anders Juul, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, and Niels Jørgensen

latest ejaculation, time since initial diagnose of pituitary disease or duration of documented androgen deficiency also did not predict semen quality. Discussion We report that a large proportion of patients with adult-onset pituitary disease