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Mardia López-Alarcón, Jessie N Zurita-Cruz, Alonso Torres-Rodríguez, Karla Bedia-Mejía, Manuel Pérez-Güemez, Leonel Jaramillo-Villanueva, Mario E Rendón-Macías, Jose R Fernández, and Patricia Martínez-Maroñas

(MBSR) . Behaviour Research and Therapy 2012 3 – 12 . ( ) 22137364 8 Ludwig DS Kabat-Zinn J . Mindfulness in medicine . JAMA 2008 1350 – 1352 . (

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Tiemo S Gerber, Arno Schad, Nils Hartmann, Erik Springer, Ulrich Zechner, and Thomas J Musholt

have been no RAS and BRAF p.V600E variants in the same tissue sample. Mutations in BRAF , EIF1AX , TP53 and TERT are associated with aggressive behaviour of thyroid malignancies ( 2 , 8 , 12 ). BRAF and TP53 are associated with the

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Michelle Hadjiconstantinou, Hamidreza Mani, Naina Patel, Miles Levy, Melanie Davies, Kamlesh Khunti, and Margaret Stone

. Table 1 Summary of topics included in the topic guide. Experiences and feelings related to diagnosis and symptoms Advice, treatment and support received and knowledge-seeking behaviour Understanding and attitudes relating

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Carlo Cinque, Manuela Zinni, Anna Rita Zuena, Chiara Giuli, Sebastiano G Alemà, Assia Catalani, Paola Casolini, and Roberto Cozzolino

behavioural and hormonal profile of animals ( 17 ). Thus, it could be useful to leave the animals in standard social condition during faecal sampling, to obtain more accurate and reliable measurements in laboratory rodents. The aim of our study was to set up a

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R Walia, M Singla, K Vaiphei, S Kumar, and A Bhansali

was based on the presence of high basal LH, FSH and T on either side of the ‘window period’. Gender identity, role and behaviour were assessed with the help of clinical psychologist. LH, FSH and T hormones were measured with radioimmunoassay till 2006

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R C S van Adrichem, L J Hofland, R A Feelders, M C De Martino, P M van Koetsveld, C H J van Eijck, R R de Krijger, D M Sprij-Mooij, J A M J L Janssen, and W W de Herder

considered as important biochemical and pathological markers, respectively, for GEP NET clinical behaviour. The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) system has been suggested as an important regulator of GEP NET proliferation and differentiation (2) . Up to

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Anne M Drewes, Maria E Møller, Rasmus Hertzum-Larsen, Gerda Engholm, and Hans H Storm

(Cancers) . Causes of cancer in the world: comparative risk assessment of nine behavioural and environmental risk factors . Lancet 2005 1784 – 1793 . ( ) 7 Key TJ Verkasalo PK Banks E

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Ann-Cathrin Koschker, Bodo Warrings, Caroline Morbach, Florian Seyfried, Nicole Rickert, Pius Jung, Andreas Geier, Ulrich Dischinger, Maike Krauthausen, Martin J Herrmann, Christine Stier, Stefan Frantz, Uwe Malzahn, Stefan Störk, Martin Fassnacht, and the WAS Study Group

Cooper Z Fairburn CG . A new cognitive behavioural approach to the treatment of obesity . Behaviour Research and Therapy 2001 39 499 – 511 . ( ) 10.1016/S0005-7967(00)00065-6 34 Cooper Z Doll HA

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Ulrik Ø Andersen, Dijana Terzic, Nicolai Jacob Wewer Albrechtsen, Peter Dall Mark, Peter Plomgaard, Jens F Rehfeld, Finn Gustafsson, and Jens P Goetze

Lee CM Deschodt-Lanckman M . Degradation of human gastrin and CCK by endopeptidase 24.11: differential behaviour of the sulphated and unsulphated peptides . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1989 996 82 – 88 . (

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Legh Wilkinson, Nicolette J D Verhoog, and Ann Louw

dysfunction, altered behavioural affects, increase in anxiety-like behaviour, anhedonia ( 27 , 28 , 29 , 30 , 31 , 32 , 33 , 34 ) Physical or psychological stress Rodents Restraint stress, psychological stress, forced swim stress (FSS