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Shuhui Ma, Zixu Wang, Jing Cao, Yulan Dong, and Yaoxing Chen

organisation of light-dependent functions, such as reproduction and behaviour ( 9 , 10 , 11 ). Light seems to play a definitive role in the rhythmic secretion of melatonin ( 12 , 13 ). Our previous studies have shown that monochromatic green light (GL) could

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Natalio García-Honduvilla, Alberto Cifuentes, Miguel A Ortega, Marta Pastor, Garazi Gainza, Eusebio Gainza, Julia Buján, and Melchor Álvarez-Mon

, the new tissue presented a reduced density, both in cell number and in collagen presence and organization ( Fig. 3 ). DR-PLCB animals showed a similar behaviour as that observed in diabetic control rats. All animals from both groups, regardless of

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Willem de Ronde and Diederik L Smit

. Havnes et al . showed that mental problems such as depression, anxiety, behavioural change and AAS dependence are reported even more frequently than physical problems ( 20 ). By the patient, these symptoms are mostly attributed to hormonal disturbances

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Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, Livio Casarini, Marco Marino, Daniele Santi, Samantha Sperduti, Silvia Giatti, Silvia Diviccaro, Maria Grimoldi, Donatella Caruso, Guido Cavaletti, and Manuela Simoni

the levels of neuroactive steroids not only occurred in plasma and CSF but also in brain areas, such as cerebral cortex, cerebellum and hippocampus ( 27 ), associated to depressive-like behaviour, alterations in neurogenesis, gliosis, neuroinflammation

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Ashley K Clift, Oskar Kornasiewicz, Panagiotis Drymousis, Omar Faiz, Harpreet S Wasan, James M Kinross, Thomas Cecil, and Andrea Frilling

higher than in intestinal NEN ( 8 ) and GCC display a more aggressive biology to the extent that they must be clearly delineated from NEN ( 4 , 9 ). Such divergences in clinical behaviour are evident in the 5-year disease specific survivals with ANEN

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Bilal B Mughal, Jean-Baptiste Fini, and Barbara A Demeneix

sex-specific changes in child behaviour ( 65 , 66 , 67 , 68 , 69 , 70 ). Prenatal BPA exposure is linked to increased internalizing behaviours in boys ( 66 , 67 , 70 ) and increased risk of ADHD-related behaviour ( 65 ). In girls, prenatal BPA

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Benjamin Paul Green, Javier Thomas Gonzalez, Kevin Thomas, Emma Stevenson, and Penny Louise Sheena Rumbold

tract, pancreas, and adipose, act to influence the physiological mechanisms controlling energy regulation, eliciting divergent actions on feeding behaviour and metabolism (1) . In humans, hormonal peptides such as glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1) (2

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Franka S Schaebs, Gwen Wirobski, Sarah Marshall-Pescini, Friederike Range, and Tobias Deschner

.1016/j.biopsych.2015.06.016 ) 10 Lane A Luminet O Nave G Mikolajczak M Is there a publication bias in behavioural intranasal oxytocin research on humans? Opening the file drawer of one laboratory . Journal of Neuroendocrinology 2016 28

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Lukas Engler, Christian Adolf, Daniel A Heinrich, Anna-Katharine Brem, Anna Riester, Anna Franke, Felix Beuschlein, Martin Reincke, Axel Steiger, and Heike Künzel

anxiety and depression-like behaviour in rats. Furthermore changes in the transcription of hippocampal genes, which are involved in synaptic and neuronal remodelling were found ( 11 , 12 ). Similar results were reported for depression-like behaviour in

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Claus H Gravholt, Alberto Ferlin, Joerg Gromoll, Anders Juul, Armin Raznahan, Sophie van Rijn, Alan D Rogol, Anne Skakkebæk, Nicole Tartaglia, and Hanna Swaab

behavioural development The keynote lectures by Sophie van Rijn and coworkers and Nicole Tartaglia focused on the recent developments over the last couple of years of the TRIXY study and the eXtraordinarY Babies Study and presented exciting new data in the