Thyroid Disease in Ageing Populations


Thyroid Disease in Ageing Populations


Thyroid disease is one of the common diseases in the elderly. Population-based and clinical epidemiological studies have shown that the prevalence and risks of thyroid diseases in the elderly are different from general adults. 

This collection will further the understanding of the prevalence and risk factors of thyroid diseases in the elderly, including thyroid dysfunction, nodular thyroid disease, and especially thyroid cancer. It will also explore the relationship between thyroid diseases, especially subclinical hypothyroidism, and cardiovascular diseases. In doing so, this collection will help further improve the quality of management of thyroid diseases in the elderly. 

"This special collection, the first for 2024, will delve into the intricate mechanisms governing thyroid health. It will illuminate pathways that will lead to enhanced diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.”- Editor-in-Chief, Professor Faisal Ahmed.

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Collection Editors:

Dr. Yushu Li

Dr Yushu Li, Guest Editor

Dr Li is a professor in the Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the first affiliated hospital of China Medical University. Additionally, she serves as the PI of the NHC Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Diseases. 

Dr. Shuhang Xu

Dr Shuhang Xu, Senior Editor

Dr Shuhang Xu, is a chief doctor in the Endocrine and Diabetes Center, Affiliated Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. He is also the director of Chinese Medical Doctor Association’s Tumor Ablation Therapy Technology Training Base.