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Endocrine Connections is a society-owned open access journal offering authors the highest possible visibility for their work and stimulating cross-discipline collaboration. The journal publishes basic, translational and clinical research and reviews in all areas of endocrinology, including papers that deal with non-classical tissues as source or targets of hormones and endocrine papers that have relevance to endocrine-related and intersecting disciplines and the wider biomedical community. Topics include Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Thyroid, Adrenal, Bone and Mineral Metabolism, Hormones and Cancer, Pituitary and Hypothalamus, and Reproduction. The journal considers basic, translational and clinical studies.

Endocrine Connections is now encouraging submissions on a series of specialised topic areas. To submit a research or review proposal for these sections, please email the editorial office:

  • Endocrinology of Chronic Disease: Covering aging, inflammation, autoimmune endocrine disease and late effects of cancer treatment on the endocrine system including endocrine effects of novel biologicals.
  • Endocrinology of the Nervous System and Behaviour: Including general neuroendocrinology, with a particular emphasis towards none typical themes such as endocrine effects on behaviour, cognition, circadian rhythms, appetite, libido, stress, neuro-enhancement and gut microbiota effects on the brain.
  • Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Comprising all aspects of endocrine disruption from exogenous chemicals including nutritional contaminants affecting the endocrine system as well as epigenetic mechanisms involved in endocrine disruption.


NEW for 2019:

  • Drug Interactions on Endocrine systems: Covering all aspects of drug interactions including effects of immunotherapy, (cancer) kinase inhibitors, interaction of novel biologicals such as monoclonal antibodies as well as side effects of chronic hormone treatment e.g. by corticosteroids.

Endocrine Connections is brought to you by the Society for Endocrinology and the European Society of Endocrinology: working together to further research, education and clinical practice in endocrinology.