Late Effects Special Issue


EC Late Effects of Cancer Treatment


The Editorial Board of Endocrine Connections has commissioned an exciting collection for another special issue of the journal, covering the most recent developments and knowledge in the late effects in patients with cancer.

Led by Guest Editors, Claire Higham and Judith Gebauer, this special issue is designed to initiate discussions and critique of currently available recommendations; to evaluate current knowledge and to highlight the importance of continuous adaption and development of clinical and mechanistic research around late effects and surveillance strategies to ensure optimal long-term follow up for every cancer survivor.

“Late effects of cancer therapy, despite affecting more than half of long-term cancer survivors, still remain unknown to many physicians. It is essential to increase visibility of and awareness for this rapidly growing group of patients to ensure better care for cancer survivors as well as prevention of future chronic health conditions.”


Articles published within the special collection


The impact of radiotherapy on the hypothalamo-pituitary axis: old vs new radiotherapy techniques
David S McLaren et al.

The effect of surveillance for differentiated thyroid carcinoma in childhood cancer survivors on survival rates: a decision-tree-based analysis
Alexander Heinzel et al.

Radiotherapy related insufficiency fractures and bone mineral density – what is the connection?
Victoria Chatzimavridou Grigoriadou et al.

Diagnosis and testing for growth hormone deficiency (GHD) across the ages: a global view of the accuracy, caveats and cut-offs for diagnosis
Kevin C J Yuen et al.

Endocrine and Metabolic late effects following cancer treatment – challenges and controversies
Judith Gebauer and Claire Higham

The chance of transition: strategies for multidisciplinary collaboration
Judith Gebauer et al.

Hormone replacement in survivors of childhood cancer and brain tumors: safety and controversies
Ichelle M A A van Roessel et al.


Related articles


The late effects of cranial irradiation in childhood on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis: a radiotherapist's perspective
Izabelle Lövgren et al.

Growth hormone deficiency in adult survivors of childhood brain tumors treated with radiation
Mette Marie Baunsgaard et al.


Introducing the guest editors


Claire Higham

Claire Higham (UK)
Dr Claire Higham is currently an Endocrine Consultant at the Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester. Dr Higham’s research and clinical interests centre around Living With and Beyond Cancer Science, particularly the effects of Cancer and Cancer treatments on bone health and the pituitary. Dr Higham holds an MRC-CARP award investigating the impact of radiotherapy on bone health and is supervising an NIHR-affiliated fellowship determining long term bone health in adult haematological cancer survivors. Dr Higham has recently published an SfE clinical guidance document in Endocrine Connections: Acute management of the endocrine complications of checkpoint inhibitor therapy.


Judith Gebauer

Judith Gebauer (Germany)
Judith Gebauer works as an endocrinologist in the Department of Internal Medicine I at the University hospital of Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Luebeck. Since 2014, she is responsible for the local late effects outpatient clinic mainly focusing on childhood cancer survivors that she runs together with her colleagues from Peadiatric Oncology. Her main topics are endocrine late effects after childhood cancer with a special interest in thyroid and pituitary complications of cancer therapy as well as organisation and harmonisation of cancer survivorship care and long-term follow-up structures. She is involved in the establishment of a comprehensive cancer survivorship care network in Germany as well as in the European PanCare Network.