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Endocrine Connections impact factor graphic

Endocrine Connections' 2020 Impact Factor is the highest figure to date, rising above the three threshold to 3.335, with the five-year impact factor, a longer term measure of the impact of authors’ research, also increasing to 3.489. The journal now ranks 94 out of 145 in the Endocrinology and Metabolism category – a great achievement in only its fifth Impact Factor year.

We extend our thanks to the world-class Editors, authors, reviewers and readers who continue to support the journal.




Next generation sequencing (NGS) to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with disorders of sex development (DSD)
L A Hughes et al.

Leptin induces cell migration and invasion in a FAK-Src-dependent manner in breast cancer cells
Juan Carlos Juarez-Cruz et al.

NETest liquid biopsy is diagnostic of small intestine and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors and correlates with imaging
Anna Malczewska et al.

AIP-mutated acromegaly resistant to first-generation somatostatin analogs: long-term control with pasireotide LAR in two patients
Adrian F Daly et al.

Effects of liraglutide on obesity-associated functional hypogonadism in men
M Jensterle et al.

Relationship between BRAF V600E and clinica features in papillary thyroid carcinoma
Changjiao Yan et al.

Posterior hypothalamus-sparing surgery improves outcome after childhood craniopharyngioma
Agnieszka Bogusz et al.

Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy for aggressive pituitary tumors: a monocentric experience
G Giuffrida et al.

Elevated levels of soluble PD-L1 are associated with reduced recurrence in papillary thyroid cancer
Marra Jai Aghajani et al.

Cyproterone acetate or spironolactone in lowering testosterone concentrations for transgender individuals receiving oestradiol therapy
Lachlan Angus et al.




Vitamin D testing and treatment: a narrative review of current evidence
Stefan Pilz et al.

Update on the impact of type 2 diabetes mellitus on bone metabolism and material properties
Ann-Kristin Picke et al.

Sex hormones, obesity and type 2 diabetes: is there a link?
Alessandra Gambineri and Carla Pelusi

The impact of thyroid hormone dysfunction on ischemic heart disease
Madalena von Hafe et al.

Therapeutic advances in hormone-dependent cancers: focus on prostate, breast and ovarian cancers
Michael Ulm et al.

Anterior pituitary function in critical illness
Arno Téblick, Lies Langouche, and Greet Van den Berghe

Complex diseases and co-morbidities: polycystic ovary syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus
Raymond J Rodgers et al.

Hyperinsulinaemia: does it tip the balance toward intrahepatic fat accumulation?
Leanne Hodson and Fredrik Karpe

The diagnosis and management of central hypothyroidism in 2018
Luca Persani, Biagio Cangiano, and Marco Bonomi

Imaging of brain glucose uptake by PET in obesity and cognitive dysfunction: life-course perspective
Patricia Iozzo and Maria Angela Guzzardi