Editorial board disclosure policy

(Last updated March 2021)
All editors responsible for recommending or making publication decisions are requested to disclose on an annual basis any potential conflict of interest, including current or recent financial relationships with any commercial entity whose products or services may be contained in the journal content.
The following competing interests were disclosed:
Steve Franks – Professor Franks is a Trustee, Genesis Research Trust (Imperial College; unpaid). Personal fees: Fee for grant review panel membership, Swedish Research Council 2020. Involvement with other peer-reviewed publications: Associate Editor, Reproduction.
Charlotte Höybye – Dr Höybye co-investigator for NovoNordisk and Pfizer Sweden and principal investigator for Sandoz. Member of the study committees associated to these databases (Nordinet IOS, Swegho and Patro) as well as member of the European Network on hyponatremia (Otsuka). She also received lecture fees from Pfizer, Otsuka and Sandoz.
Jens Otto Jorgensen – Dr Jorgensen has received grants and ad board in relation to: Pfizer, Novartis, IPSEN, SHIRE, Otsuka. He has also received lecture fees from the same companies.
Florian Kiefer – Dr Kiefer has received fees for consulting, lectures and/or scientific advisory boards from Astra Zeneca, Boehringer, Merck, Novartis, NovoNordisk and Sanofi, and conference invitations from Amgen, Astra Zeneca, Boehringer, Merck, NovoNordisk and Sanofi. He holds the following patent: Retinaldehyde Mimetics and Inhibitors of Retinaldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 in the Treatment of Disorders – Publication No: WO2013116721 A1, Publication Date: August 8, 2013.
George Mastorakos – Professor Mastorakos participated in 2019 in an Advisory Board for Transition Endocrinology sponsored by Novartis Hellas. He has received travel expenses from ITF Hellas, Abbott Hellas, FARAN and Uni-Pharma. He is also a member of the editorial boards of Endocrine, Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders and EGO (European Gynecology and Obstetrics).
Keely Mcnamara – Dr Mcnamara is currently a member of the US endocrine societies (ENDO) training and career development core committee. She was also a member of their International Task Force committee and SP4 retreat. She is currently a guest editor for a special issue of MCE, although the bulk of work for this is already finished.
Henrik Oster – Dr Oster is named as an inventor in a patent covering the manipulation of glucocorticoid rhythms for the treatment of jetlag. He has received honoraria from Shire Pharma for talks.
Claudia Pellizas – Professor Pellizas is a member of the Editorial Board of Revista Argentina de Endocrinología y Metabolismo.
Valdis Pirags – Professor Pirags has received personal fees for lectures from Novo Nordisk and Servier.
Martina Rauner – Dr Rauner has received grants from the German research foundation, Jose Carreras foundation, Elsbeth-Danhoff foundation. She holds a Europen patent (17P0333EP).
Robert Rapaport – Professor Rapaport is a consultant and advisory board roles for Sandoz and Novo Nordisk.
Ute Scholl – Professor Scholl has received research funding from Berlin Institute of Health, Stiftung Charité, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Fritz Thyssen Stiftung and Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. She has received royalties from Yale University in respect of patent 'Loss of Function mutations in KCNJ10 cause SeSAME, a human syndrome with sensory, neurological, and renal deficits', US patent 8,722,338 issued August 15, 2017 (Richard Lifton, Ute Scholl), and a second patent 'Compositions and Methods for Diagnosing and Treating Diseases and Disorders Associated with Mutant KCNJ5', WO/2018/213690, filed May 18, 2018, is pending (Richard Lifton, Ute Scholl). She received a lecture fee from Universitätsklinikum Aachen, an Honorarium from Linköping University and travel expenses paid for lectures given at several universities and medical conferences. She is on the Editorial Board of Physiological Genomics and the Review Editorial Boards of Membrane Physiology and Membrane Biophysics (Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, Physics and Physiology) and Renal and Epithelial Physiology (Frontiers in Physiology).
Massimo Terzolo – Professor Terzolo has received research grants and advisory honoraria from HRA Pharma and Novartis.
The following editors reported no competing interests:
  • Eduardo Arzt
  • Claus Gravholt
  • Won Bae Kim
  • KO Lee
  • Claudia Sedlinsky
  • Alexander Teumer
  • Jiang-Ning Zhou
Bioscientifica staff and freelancers working on the journal reported no conflicts of interest. Article authors' declarations are stated in each journal article. Referees must disclose any competing interests before agreeing to review any submission. For more information on the journal’s ethical policy, please read the ethical guidelines.
This policy follows the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).