Diabetes Technology in Managing Diabetes


Endocrine Connections Klinefelter Syndrome Workshop Collection


The landscape of the management of diabetes has changed significantly. The past decade has witnessed approval of many continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps and automated insulin delivery systems. Evidence suggests that use of diabetes technologies improves glycemic outcomes and reduces the burden of managing diabetes.

With increasing clinical use of these systems and growing knowledge in this field, we decided to create a special thematic collection on 'Diabetes Technology in managing Diabetes'.

This series is guest edited by Associate Professor Viral Shah, Assistant Professor Laya Ekhlaspour and Dr David Ahn.

We would encourage clinicians and researchers working in the field of diabetes to submit their research on the use of diabetes technologies for the management of diabetes.


Read the articles published in the collection


The changing landscape of automated insulin delivery in the management of type 1 diabetes
Rama Lakshman, Charlotte Boughton and Roman Hovorka

Experience with burdens of diabetes device use that affect uptake and optimal use in people with type 1 diabetes
Molly L Tanenbaum and Persis V Commissariat

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for inpatient diabetes management: an update on the current evidence and practice
Henry Zelada, M Citalli Perez-Guzman, Daniel R Chernavvsky and Rodolfo J Galindo

Beyond A1C: exploring continuous glucose monitoring metrics in managing diabetes
Jared G Friedman, Kasey Coyne, Grazia Aleppo and Emily D Szmuilowicz