Vitamin D Special Issue


The Editorial Board of Endocrine Connections has commissioned the first special issue of the journal, covering the latest developments in the field of Vitamin D.

Led by Guest Editors, Professor Susan Lanham-New, Professor Martina Rauner and Professor Josef Köhrle, this special issue will provide clinicians and researchers with a comprehensive update on the latest developments in Vitamin D research from across the globe, through a series of reviews and recent research.


Raise the profile of your Vitamin D research

The three Guest Editors will consider submissions of all related research to be published alongside the invited review articles.

If you want to achieve the best impact for your Vitamin D research, publishing in this special issue will help raise your international profile.

In turn, with enhanced promotion, your work will be exposed to more opportunities for citation by our global community of endocrine researchers.

To support authors of high-quality research but with limited access to open-access funding, the Editorial Office are offering a 25% discount on the Article Publication Charge. Papers submitted by 30 June 2021 will be eligible for this discount.

Have an idea for an article for the Special Issue? Send an article proposal to the Editorial Team at for help in finding out if it’s the right fit.



Thoughts from Editor-in-Chief, Professor Adrian Clark

“I am delighted to introduce this special issue celebrating the centenary of the discovery of the relationship between Vitamin D and ultraviolet light. Few topics better represent the ethos of this journal that seeks to promote the “connections” within and beyond classical endocrinology. To achieve this aim, and guided by our guest editors, we have been fortunate to recruit an outstanding series of world leaders who have provided excellent reviews of the state-of-the-art in the subject."


Introducing the guest editors:

Professor Susan Lanham-New
Head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences
University of Surrey, UK

Martina Rauner


Professor Martina Rauner
Scientific Director of Bone Lab
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Martina Rauner

"Vitamin D is a central hormone to maintain bone health, which is the first aspect of Vitamin D I think about as a bone researcher. However, vitamin D has many more functions in the body, such as maintaining immunity, and the cardiovascular and nervous systems, just to name a few. As a hormone that is frequently controversially discussed in the endocrine community, it is clear that more research on Vitamin D is necessary to understand its many functions better and to unravel its role in connecting endocrine systems."


Professor Josef Köhrle
Director of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology
Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Josef Köhrle

"It is time to illuminate the multiple Vitamin D hormone functions more precisely beyond pivotal Vitamin D functions in calcium homeostasis. This “Special Issue“ will connect endocrine knowledge on established calcitriol actions with new information on its beneficial role in metabolic disorders as well as in prevention of infections and certain cancers."