2023 Impact Factor Collection


Endocrine Connections has been ranked at 109 of 186 journals in the 'Endocrinology & Metabolism' category in the latest Journal Citation ReportsTM. With a Journal Impact FactorTM of 2.6, it has risen to the 41st percentile. 

Explore the following top-cited research articles and reviews that contributed to our 2023 Journal Impact FactorTM.


Global differences in vitamin D status and dietary intake: a review of the data
Kevin D Cashman

Obesity and endocrine-disrupting chemicals
Angelica Amorim Amato, Hailey Brit Wheeler, and Bruce Blumberg

Sedentary lifestyle and precocious puberty in girls during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian experience
Laura Chioma et al.

Pathophysiology of NASH in endocrine diseases
Karim Gariani and François R Jornayvaz

Targeting β-cell dedifferentiation and transdifferentiation: opportunities and challenges
Wenrui Wang and Chuan Zhang

Early and late endocrine complications of COVID-19
Paraskevi Kazakou et al. 

Thyroid hormones in the regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis
Sarah Christine Sentis, Rebecca Oelkrug, and Jens Mittag

Update on dyslipidemia in hypothyroidism: the mechanism of dyslipidemia in hypothyroidism
Huixing Liu and Daoquan Peng

Menopause-associated risk of cardiovascular disease
Panagiotis Anagnostis et al.

Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: global impact and clinical consequences
Khaled Kabarra et al.