Endo-ERN Special Collection


European Reference Network on rare endocrine conditions special collection in collaboration with Endocrine Connections


Endocrine Connections is excited to announce that it is publishing a new special collection in collaboration with the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions (Endo-ERN). The collection forms part of the Network's 5th year celebrations. All articles included in the collection are open access, making them freely available to access online.

The articles in the collection focus on topical issues including patient transition from paediatric services, genetic testing, virtual consultations and tools to improve healthcare for patients with rare endocrine diseases.

The special collection is edited by Senior Editor George Mastorakos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), and Guest Editors Violeta Iovtova (Medical University of Varna) and Jerome Bertherat (Hôpital Cochin).


Read the Editorial introducing the collection:

Endo-ERN in its 5th year – a pinch of care, science, curiosity and new horizons
Violeta Iotova et al.


Read the articles from the collection:

Skin manifestations in rare types of diabetes and other endocrine conditions
Felix Reschke et al.

Reduced serum concentrations of biomarkers reflecting Leydig and Sertoli cell function in male patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Trine Holm Johannsen et al.

An update on the long-term outcomes of prenatal dexamethasone treatment in congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Annelies van’t Westeinde et al.

We mind your step: understanding and preventing drop-out in the transfer from paediatric to adult tertiary endocrine healthcare
Kirsten Davidse et al.

A critical evaluation of the EU-virtual consultation platform (CPMS) within the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions
E K White et al.

Testosterone in men with hypogonadism and transgender males: a systematic review comparing three different preparations
Milou Cecilia Madsen et al.

Comprehensive genetic testing approaches as the basis for personalized management of growth disturbances: current status and perspectives
Danielle Christine Maria van der Kaay et al.

The genetic diagnosis of rare endocrine disorders of sex development and maturation: a survey among Endo-ERN centres
Luca Persani et al.

Patient journey experiences may contribute to improve healthcare for patients with rare endocrine diseases
Susan M Webb et al.

Doctors, teach your adrenal insufficiency patients well: provide them with a European Emergency Card!
Johan G Beun et al.

The transition from paediatric to adult care in individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome
Christine Poitou et al.

Starting point for benchmarking outcomes and reporting of pituitary adenoma surgery within the European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions (Endo-ERN): results from a meta-analysis and survey study
Amir Hossein Zamanipoor Najafabadi et al.

Development of a pediatric differentiated thyroid carcinoma registry within the EuRRECa project: rationale and protocol
S C Clement et al.

Mapping of the current transition of care practice for patients with pituitary disease at Endo-ERN reference centers
Savi R Shishkov et al.

Outcome of COVID-19 infections in patients with adrenal insufficiency and excess
Hanna F Nowotny et al.

Serum LH/FSH ratios in 87 infants with differences of sex development
Marie Lindhardt Ljubicic et al.

Acquired hypothalamic dysfunction in childhood: “What do patients need?“ – an Endo-ERN survey
I M.a.a. van Roessel et al.

An overview of the outreach of the 2019–2021 Endo-ERN knowledge generation webinars
Violeta Iotova et al.


Endo-ERN aims to improve access to high-quality healthcare for patients with hormonal disorders. Endocrine conditions are often complex and require a long period of care due to chronic disease without being life-threatening. Therefore, endocrine care requires equal distribution of paediatric and adult care. Endo-ERN aims to provide this care for patients throughout their entire lives and to reduce and ultimately abolish inequalities in care for patients with rare endocrine disorders in Europe, through facilitating knowledge sharing and facilitating related healthcare and research.


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