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Global differences in vitamin D status and dietary intake: a review of the data

Author: Kevin D Cashman
Volume 11: Issue 1, e210282


Sedentary lifestyle and precocious puberty in girls during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian experience

Authors: Laura Chioma et al.
Volume 11: Issue 2, e210650


Obesity and endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Authors: Angelica Amorim Amato, Hailey Brit Wheeler, and Bruce Blumberg
Volume 10: Issue 2, R87–R105


Pathophysiology of NASH in endocrine diseases

Authors: Karim Gariani and François R Jornayvaz
Volume 10: Issue 2, Pages: R52–R65


Thyroid hormones in the regulation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis

Authors: Sarah Christine Sentis, Rebecca Oelkrug, and Jens Mittag
Volume 10: Issue 2, Pages: R106–R115


Early and late endocrine complications of COVID-19

Authors: Paraskevi Kazakou et al.
Volume 10: Issue 9, Pages: R229–R239